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Custom Prosthetics

DYAD has made custom prosthetics for films, theater productions and Cosplayers. 


The following are a few examples of custom prosthetics and other projects we have made for various clients. Please click the picture to view the process of each project from start to finish.


What is a Custom Prosthetic?

A custom prosthetic is a prosthetic we make specifically for you. That means that we work with you from start to finish to bring your idea to life! We will take your design and tailor it to fit your exact needs! From life casting to creating the final prosthetics, we will choose the perfect materials to fit your situation. 


Custom Prosthetics are more expensive than pre-made prosthetics, however, the benefits of custom prosthetics are:

-Ensure a perfect fit

-Perfect color match/tint (Silicone & Pro-Transfer)

-Original designs for film

-Unique characters with hard to find prosthetics 


Contact us directly for a quote! 

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