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Material: Foam Latex


Includes: 1 set includes 6 fins total (3 right and 3 left).

You will receive two small (R & L), two medium (R & L) and two large (R & L)


Measurements: small 3.5" x 1", medium 5" x 1.5", large 10" x 2.5"


Description: These fins are a perfect addition to your aquatic themed character. PLEASE NOTE that the fins are sculpted with an angle and are slightly tilted to one side. The right set is angled to the right and the left set is angled to the left. 


Allergy Warning: This product contains latex, do not use if you are sensitive to latex.


Sculpted by: Niko Gonzalez and Cat Paschen

Molded by: Niko Gonzalez


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