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Material: Encapsulated platinum silicone prosthetic .


Includes: 1 neck


Description:  This old age silicone neck prosthetics is the perfect way to age your talent many years. This neck is sculpted on a medium to large male form. This neck was made to be used with the SIL-OA10 old age set but can be mixed and matched with other prosthetics. All silicone prosthetics are encapsulated with a vinyl cap plastic that dissolves with acetone. All silicone prosthetics are tinted a light/medium neutral flshtone.


Allergy Warning: These prosthetics are made with a vinyl based cap plastic encapsulator and platinum silicone. Do not use if you have a sensitivity to vinyl, acetone or silicone.


Sculpted by: Nick Rinehard

Molded by: Niko Gonzalez


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